Alessandro Beda

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Alessandro Beda is Professor at the Department of Electronics of the Engineering School of the  Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). He is member of the Postgraduate Program of Electrical Engineering of UFMG. He also coordinates the BioSiX (Biomedical Signal Processing, Analysis and Simulation Group).

His physiological/clinical research focuses are

  • cardiovascular system: cardiovascular oscillations (hear rate and blood pressure variability); baroreflex; cardio-respiratory interactions; cardiovascular response to stress and cognitive tasks
  • respiratory system: mechanical ventilation; acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute lung injury; pulmonary mechanics, ventilation and perfusion; inhomogeneity of lung ventilation and perfusion;

His engineering research focuses are

  • time series, signals, and image analysis: events detection and classification; parameters’ quantification;
  • model identification: linear and nonlinear model identification for parametric quantification of the characteristics of signals and systems
  • numerical simulation of physiological systems: simulation of the interplay between different components of the respiratory and cardiovascular system to test/validate hypothesis about the physiological mechanisms underlying experimental finding.
  • devices and methods for monitoring of critical patients: electrical impedance tomography; positron emission tomography; computed tomography; continuous measurement of ECG, blood pressure airway pressure, air flow, oesophageal pressure